About Us


In 2004, Miracle Express, Inc. became a privately held U.S. company formerly known as Penners International – the domestic division of a long established Canadian and NW Minnesota carrier, Penner International.

With a change in “name” only, Miracle Express, Inc. continues to provide LTL direct service overnight in NW Minnesota and North Dakota that our customers have come to depend on.


Our primary focus at Miracle Express, Inc. is our customers and the services we provide to them in the markets of Minnesota, North Dakota and the Truckload capabilities within the United States and Canada.

We understand the importance of the long-term relationship that is needed with your customers to be successful in today’s competitive markets.


We want to make your future our business by being the Carrier you can depend on – your silent partner. We want to be the one to drive your business into the future and be there for every mile and milestone on the way to your success.

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